Harvard suggests "running" tips for "people who don't like running."

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Harvard suggests "running" tips for "people who don't like running."

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Running lines may be frustrated at this time there is no garden. Or fitness, go for a run But for anyone who wants to love running with him Because knowing that running is a good exercise But how to do without Passion to run like everyone else. What to do?
Tips for "running" for people "do not like running"
Matthew Solan, Executive Editor at Harvard Men's Health Watch, suggests an easy way. For people who want to run But do not like to rush to lose it
Reasons that people do not like running Maybe it's because it's not like it's "tired" too, especially for people who have never run at all. Or a large outline, a fat person who runs and feels that it is very tired After running for a short while, I feel tired until I lose my mind. Running fast or running far like everyone else does. Therefore gave up Turned to exercise instead (Or find something delicious to eat instead of that!)


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